Name of Class
Name of School/University
High School Class
Does it sound good to me?
1. Introduction to Theory of Literature
Yale University
I think taking this class will be very beneficial to me, regarding to one of my top majors.
2. The Art of Argument
Berkeley College
Current Health Issues
This class is something to do for fun, so I don't think it would be ideally important for me to take this course. It would be fun, though, as it COULD be useful in the future! (a minor)
3.Ninteenth Century Philosophy
Muhlenburg College
This class can be very helpful to me, and taking this can broaden my views in a different time period.
4. Marine Biology and Lab
This field of major is a possibility for me, and this class can be critical if I choose to major in biology.
5. American Literature Seminar
Swarthmore College
Creative Writing
If I were to major in Literature, I think taking this course and this class in high school will be of great use to me.

Name of Major
1. Eng/Lit.
1. Yale Unv.
1. New Haven, Connecticut
1. $58,600
2. Philosophy
2. Albright College
2. Reading, Pennsylvania
2. $42,800
3. Wildlife Bio
3. Keystone College
3. Towanda, Pennsylvania
3. $20,400
1. For Yale University, the general housing is $6,700, and based off of the comments other people have made about the dorms, the freshmen living suites aren't the best, while upperclassmen dorms are spacious.
2. At Albright College, the meal plans are as follows: if you possess a gold plan, you get unlimited meals and it tallies up to $2,125. A silver plan gives you 14 meals a week for a semester for $1,800, and the bronze plan gives you 10 meals a week for $1,525.
3. I also found out that Albright college is a private institution with on-campus housing that is 'stellar', says one student.